Halloween at Tattoo Studios


Halloween is just around the corner! So if you run your studio, it's worth realizing that it's a great opportunity to organize special events - and especially in tattoo studios! What do the most popular salons in our industry offer? Find out right now! Or maybe you are organizing something for Halloween yourself? Be sure to tell us about it on Instagram and tag the account @INKbusiness.co and @INKsearch.co so we can share the information about your action further into the world!


Walk-in to celebrate Halloween


We have already written about walk-ins recently. We devoted an entire article to this very topic, so if you want to learn more about organizing events for your clients, we recommend looking right there.

But let's focus on today's topic... Is a walk-in to celebrate Halloween a good idea? By all means! More and more tattoo studios are coming to this conclusion. However, this does not mean that there is therefore no more space and for your event. Each of them is organized in a slightly different way. So the possibilities are really many, so you still have a chance to stand out from the rest. If you haven't organized any walk-ins yet, this could be an interesting novelty for your audience. 

Halloween available tattoo designes


You may wonder if occasional available tattoo designes make sense. We definitely understand this view. Classic Halloween themes may not find takers. After all, we get a tattoo for life. However, it is not so obvious. Think a little more broadly. Free Halloween designs can be really diverse. Even a classic design in a slightly dark version can turn out to be a great design that will quickly find its owner. Even then, it will fit into the Halloween mood.  Prepare a board with a few, free patterns and see for yourself. 


Discounts and promotions


In many companies, on the occasion of various holidays, promotions are announced. So why not do so also in a tattoo studio? Even a discount of several percent can be an incentive for potential customers. Don't think immediately about the losses, but about the pluses that such actions can bring. You can carry out a Halloween promotional campaign in various ways, such as:

  • by setting a given percentage discount, for example, on free designs
  • setting a lower price for all, prepared designs 
  • setting that the second tattoo (or piercing) will be for, for example, half price etc.

If you decide to have a promotion at your tattoo studio, plan exactly how you want to let your audience know about it. Think about good graphics, concise descriptions and advertisements. You can find tips on this topic on our blog as well.

Prints and other Halloween goodies


What else can you do to celebrate Halloween for your customers? Occasional prints, stickers or other goodies! If you don't have the opportunity, to organize larger events in the studio, or you don't prepare your free designs as a rule, think about something smaller. Such a poster, or any other gadget, designed by you can get quite a lot of attention - especially when you stand out with an interesting style. It can also be an alternative for those who can't afford a tattoo from you, but want to support your creativity. How about this?


Manage your studio with INKbusiness


Do you find it hard to think about special events when you have a huge amount of responsibilities at your tattoo studio on a daily basis? We understand this perfectly. However, this is not a situation without a way out. With help comes INKbusiness, your future own command center. If you don't yet know how the application works and how it can help you in your daily work, let's talk! Our specialists will be happy to walk you through the application step by step and answer any question, related to INKbusiness. Don't wait any longer and schedule a free video call now. Until we hear from you! 

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