"Walk - in" - How to organize an event at a tattoo studio?


Walk-ins are open days at studios, which are usually created for special occasions, such as salon birthdays, holidays, or charity events. During an open day, a client can get a tattoo from a walk-in. Usually, such an event is accompanied not only by tattoos, but by a positive mood, good food and attractions, created for the event. However, if you haven't had the opportunity to organize a walk-in yet, you may be wondering how to embrace it all. We have good news for you. You've come to the perfect place!


Find the right theme


As you already know, usually walk-ins are organized for a special occasion. It can be either the opening of the studio, its birthday, but also any holiday. However, nothing prevents you from finding a different, but still interesting theme. Unusual holidays, such as Cat Day, Dog Day, or even Coffee Day, can be the perfect excuse for an event. In fact, you are only limited by your imagination, and how you convince your customers to attend the event. 

Choose a date


If you've already chosen a suitable theme, it's time to set a date for the event. Most often, walk-ins are organized on Saturday. This is the free day of many, potential participants, so before you think you don't want to waste your weekend at work, see that this is an opportunity to reach more people. You can also bet on weekend events. This is also a common solution that you will see in other studios. So why not consider a two-day event? Remember, however, to choose a day that is not far from the date of the occasion that is the theme of the walk-in. You probably want the event you'll be working on to be timely, right?


Just tattoos?


As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, walk-ins are not just tattoos that we can get without an appointment. Usually, behind this type of event, there are a number of other elements. First of all, refreshments. This is an extremely common "ingredient" of such an event. Depending on the nature of the meeting, choose something, for the visitors. A birthday cake, themed candy, or at least candy with the studio's logo, is always a pleasant surprise.

What's next? Think of something special. You can bet on raffle tickets, in which to win, among other things, gadgets from your studio, or even a tattoo session of a certain amount. A great idea is also a ball machine with ready-made designs. The artist prepares his suggestions, drops them into the machine, and the client can tattoo the design he draws for a certain amount. You can also bet on a discount, such as a second design made during a walk-in, cheaper by 50%. These are just our suggestions, but feel free to go further and come up with something of your own. After all, you're the one who knows your customers best! 

How to promote a walk-in organically? 

Today's world is governed by its own rules. On the one hand, thanks to Social Media, we can quickly publicize our special event. On the other hand, however, it's hard to stand out from the thousands of events held at the same time. However, don't be discouraged at the start. We'll give you a step-by-step rundown of what to do when promoting your walk-in without additional advertising (i.e. organically).

  • First, create a Facebook event. Put an accurate, concise description, indicate the theme of the walk-in, and describe what customers can expect.
  • Notify your audience on other media as well. Prepare informative graphics in both post and Instastories formats. Also, be sure to share this content multiple times in testimonials. By doing so, you will remind people of your event.
  • If you, or other artists from the studio, prepare ready-made, free designs for the occasion, share them, mentioning obligatorily that they can be made just for the walk-in.
  • It is also good practice to mention the walk-in in your "bio" on Instagram.
  • Don't forget to use video forms. TikTok or Rolls is an outright perfect place to invite customers to a walk-in in an interesting way.

On posts about the event, tag profiles such as @inksearch.co and @inkbusiness.co. We'll be happy to let you and our audience know that in you are preparing, something special. 


Is it difficult to organize a walk-in?


If this is the first time you are taking on the task of creating an event in your studio, we are aware that it may be a bit complicated for you. However, we believe that nothing is impossible and you will perfectly cope with this task. Don't think that your first event should be attended by a crowd of people, and if it is otherwise, you will fail. Appreciate everyone who decides to drop by your studio, exchange a few sentences with you, and ultimately make a spontaneous knit. It is the good mood at these types of meetings that is best. Show off a slightly different side and open yourself up to customers.

Take your studio to the next level with INKbusiness. By doing so, you'll create an even better place for your clients - not just during open days. Want to learn more about our tool? Make an appointment for a free online chat and our specialists will answer any, your questions. 

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