Black Friday at the tattoo studio - What can you do on this occasion?


Any opportunity to do something special in a tattoo studio can be a good one. It is worth realizing this and looking for ideas on how to stand out in an interesting way. We can't forget that competition in the tattoo market is increasing. To make your studio operate even more efficiently, take a look at our profiles, check the blog and manage your work with the help of INKbusiness!

But wait, wait... Let's get down to specifics already; because it's for a specific purpose that this post was created. Today, we will focus on Black Friday, which this year already falls on November 25. So, if you want to do something special at the tattoo studio on this occasion, it's time to get started with the preparations!


History of Black Friday


Black Friday usually falls on the last Friday of November. At the same time, it is the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day. In a way, the day acts as the start of Christmas shopping, due to the large promotions that stores and companies prepare on this occasion. There is no doubt that it is primarily an extremely commercial "holiday" focused on shopping.

Black Friday has its origins in Philadelphia, when police described with these words a crowd of people gathered from the start because of large, pre-Christmas shopping. However, the next mention of the subject did not appear until November 29, 1975, in The New York Times magazine. 

How can you implement Black Friday in your tattoo studio?


If you already know exactly what Black Friday is and its history, it's time to think about whether you can implement it in your studio. You don't have to think about it for long, though, because we're already giving you our suggestions. 

Available designs sale


Our first Black Friday idea for tattoo studios is to sell off available tattoo designs. If you or the artists who work for you have designs prepared that have not yet found their owners, you can decide to sell them off. This is an increasingly common practice that you can see in studios. Attractive prices can attract new people to your salon or those who have been thinking about visiting you for a long time. Go through your artwork with the artists and try to find designs that are perfect for this purpose. 


Sale of prints or other gadgets that you sell


Are you running a sale of prints or other products in your studio? You can introduce a Black Friday promotion on them, too. Depending on your tastes, you can offer a general discount or offers like "two products for the price of one." 

Walk - in


We have already written about walk-ins sveral times. A separate post has also been written on the subject. If you are a fan of open events in your studio, then a walk-in to celebrate Black Friday is the perfect suggestion. In addition, you can combine this type of action with our previous suggestions. 


Promotions for trainings and workshops


Do you conduct seminars or trainings? Why not introduce a discount for enrollment as well? From experience, we know that prices for such events start at several hundred zlotys. Even a small discount can be a good opportunity for your potential audience. Think about whether you can afford the discount and what advantages may follow this action. You can also ask your followers on Instagram for their opinion. This will allow you to at least gauge some interest in the price reduction.

Look forward to our bargains!


Every year, also with us, we prepare several actions on the occasion of Black Friday. Watch our Social Media to be the first to see what we have " up our sleeve" this time


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