"We are changing for you!"  - See what's new in INKbusiness 


Although the weather outside does not encourage us to any changes and news, the INKbusiness team worked hard on a new update of CRM system. After several weeks of hard work, the time has come for a change that many of you have been waiting for:

We are talking about the new monthly calendar view!  






Why was the new view introduced? 


Individuality and doing things your own way is the essence of entrepreneurial, ambitious and creative people. At INKbusiness we are aware that everyone may want to manage their schedule differently, so creating a new view was a priority for us. Thanks to the suggestions of tattoo studios from Poland and other parts of the world, today you can check your work from a daily, weekly and monthly view - all depending on your preferences! 



Check out the new feature in INKbusiness for yourself! 


Do you want to check how you plan your work in the new calendar version? There is nothing easier! Today you can subscribe to INKbusiness CRM tool and manage your work #LIKEAPRO! 

Additionally, only until 23:00, 31.05.2022, you can start using INKbusiness 30% cheaper!

Just enter the promo code "ilyasmall30" during payment. The discount includes all available subscriptions. 




Why is it worth using INKbusiness?


INKbusiness is not only a calendar - dozens of tattoo studios from Poland and different parts of the world have already found out about it. What can change in your company, by using our CRM tool?





Talk to us about INKbusiness! 

As you already know, your opinion counts the most for us, that is why we value direct contact so much. Do you want to use INKbusiness, but don't know where to start? Our Team Artist Ambassador will be happy to answer any questions! Request a demo through a short and simple form and our specialists will contact you to set up an online meeting. 

How's that for a solution?



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