New INKbusiness features

Effective tattoo studio management requires not only artistic flair, but also good handling of daily duties and coordination of the entire team. In response to user needs, we have created a new feature in the INKbusiness app that prioritize personalized access controls and administrative support for tattoo studios. 
One of the latest features that makes the work of artists, managers and tattoo studio owners much easier is the possibility of personalized accesses through the Receptionist role. As a result, tattoo studios now have even better tools to organize their work.
Updates in the INKbusiness app
Updates in the INKbusiness app

The Receptionist role and personalized accesses

Customized access controls are crucial to ensure that the receptionist role perfectly aligns with the studio's needs. Previously, users often had an organizational challenges trying to act as artist and manager at the same time. Now, with the introduction of a new support role to the system, the system owner can delegate some of the administrative duties to the receptionist,  who has their own account and system access to the system and the studio owner has control over what permissions and accesses the receptionist has. An account for the receptionist can only be created by the studio's main account from the Employees section.

Manage Permissions 

Now, all studio employees can have customized access permissions within INKbusiness. Not only the receptionist, but also artists who have managerial roles. Artists' accounts can be customized, giving them additional permissions that will enable them to do the same things as in the studio's main account. Having two independent managers in the studio is no longer an issue. This is ideal for studios where several people have dual roles.
Updates in the INKbusiness app
Updates in the INKbusiness app

Shared calendar for easier work planning

The shared calendar is another long-awaited feature that makes work organization faster and easier for users. By giving employees the right permissions to each other's calendar, you will make it possible for them to view each other's availability in the studio or even add bookings for each other.

Access to important information

We know how important finances are in a tattoo studio. From now on, you can control which employee will see the studio's income information. If the main account user decides that an employee needs access to this information for reporting or accounting purposes, for example - you can grant them access accordingly. It is up to you to decide what studio employees can do and what they can see in INKbusiness. 
Updates in the INKbusiness app
We hope that by introducing these new functionalities, we will make your daily work easier. With personalized access and support, you will be able to better organize your work, share responsibilities and control what an employee sees. Configure your preferences for employee roles, permissions and calendars and see how easily and efficiently you can manage your studio.