Tattoo conventions - is it worth exhibiting? 

We live in a world where everything is changing rapidly. Many areas are entering the online world, Social Media is a staple of many professions, and stationary events are no longer just for promotion. So is it worth continuing to exhibit at tattoo conventions? At the outset, let's point out that this is an individual issue for each of us. However, there's no denying that conventions are still an opportunity to meet other people in the industry, test yourself in tattoo competitions, and, despite everything, still an opportunity to gain new customers.  





How to stand out at tattoo conventions? 

As you already know, despite the era of Social Media, tattoo conventions are still an opportunity to gain new customers. Remember, however, that simply setting up a box at a convention space is not enough - you need to think about what element will make you stand out. Suggestions are indeed many, and we are well aware that artistic souls have a head for such things!  


Good stickers are the basis of conventions! 

However, if for a moment you have left your inspiration - we come to the rescue! Stickers are already a tradition at tattoo conventions. Let's face it - who doesn't like to get a little trinket/souvenir? For you, it's a cheap yet eye-catching promotion that won't take you much time in preparation (of course, it all depends on what you decide to put on them). A good idea is stickers with visible QR codes that lead to your profiles. This way, a visitor will be able to quickly and easily check out your portfolio. The code alone, however, is not enough. Take care of an interesting graphic design - maybe a funny text that will tempt a convention attendee to take your sticker; or maybe one of your free designs that will impress him/her will be enough? Stickers with glitter or in a holographic version also work well.  






Over the past few years, you'll notice a slew of contests that take place at each post. Usually in it you can win prints created by artists, small gadgets of the studio, or... even a voucher for a tattoo. So it's hard to resist such prizes. Maybe this is the perfect idea just for your post? Work out what the prize in the contest could be, think about the rules (it could be, for example, the need to observe your social media) and act! The better the prize, the more interested people will be.  


Drawing machine tattoos 

Are you familiar with ball machines that are often found, for example, at the seaside? We hope you know what we're talking about, because this particular gadget has made waves at recent tattoo conventions. On the web you will find plenty of mini machines that mimic their prototypes. How does it work? You design small, free patterns, which you then put in balls, and these, you throw into the described machine. Your potential customer, during the convention, will be able to draw one pattern, which you make for a predetermined price.  






What will be your element of surprise? 

Whisper marketing, or what we tell our friends about, is very important from the point of view of any company. What might your customers be talking about? Think about what in your post can act as an element of surprise. Maybe it will be an original decoration on one of the tables? Plush toys, figurines, or z-sculptures are common elements of decor for such a stand. You can also bet on dressing up your team - funny costumes are bait for photos, where visitors can tag you.  


What tattoo conventions are in store for the rest of the year?

If you already know what to keep in mind when going to a tattoo convention, it's worth seeing exactly where you can use these tips. It's time for an overview of tattoo events from Europe that will be held in the near future:

13.08 Tatcon Blackpool 2022, UK13.08 Delmenhorster Tattoo Weekend 2022, Germany19.08 Ink Days Zurich 2022, Switzerland20.08 Cornwall's Tattoo Convention 2022, United Kingdom20.08 Katowice Tattoo Convention 2022, Poland20.08 Summer Tattoo Convention Hagen 2022, Germany20.08 Deauville Tattoo Festival 2022, France 20.08 Tattoo Weekend im Europapark 2022, Germany20.08 Aberdeen Tattoo Show 2022, United Kingdom 24.08 Ink and Art Tattoo Festival 2022, Spain26.08 Carcassonne Tattoo Convention 2022, France26.08 Stockholm Ink Bash Tattoo Convention 2022, Sweden02.09 Summer Tattoo Bash 2022, Ireland02.09 HC Andersen Tattoo Convention 2022, Denmark02.09 Ti-Tattoo Convention Lugano 2022, Switzerland 02.09 Rock Tattoo Festival 2022, France 02.09 Ink'n'roll Chateauroux Tattoo Festival 2022, France 03.09 Big London Tattoo Show 2022, United Kingdom 03.09 Perpignan Tattoo Convention 2022, France03.09 The 70's Tattoo Show 2022, France03.09 Tattoo Convention Bielefeld 2022, Germany

And there's even more!

So what do you think? Ready to conquer the tattoo world? 


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