Social Media in the Tattoo Industry


The tattoo industry is growing at a rapid pace. In addition, dozens of new tattooers are being added every month. In a world where virtually everyone has access to learning how to tattoo, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Of course, it's important to realize that our technique matters. But what if our work is TOP, and yet, hardly anyone knows about us? Today, it's not just our work that matters anymore, but also how we know how to present and talk about it. In the "tattoo" industry, image is of great importance. The earlier we realize this, the easier it will be. Nowadays, we use Social Media for this purpose. This is primarily the portfolio of the tattoo artist, but not only. Through posts or testimonials, we can at least see who we are dealing with. Remember that tattooing is a personal experience for many lovers, so choosing a tattoo artist we feel comfortable with really matters. After all, sometimes you have to spend several or several hours with each other. That's why today comes with an article that will tell you about proven activities on Social Media in the tattoo industry that will help build your image, allow you to stand out from the crowd, and above all, help you get more customers.








First on the fire goes a medium that gets a lot of criticism now. Probably in recent weeks more than once you have seen posts that allude to the fact that Instagram is already a completely different application than it used to be. People complain that the reach is getting weaker and weaker, the number of observers is stagnant, and the current ones can't even see the content we publish. However, a profile on Instagram in the tattoo industry is a must. As we mentioned above, today Instagram is the most popular place to publish your portfolio. In addition, many people use Instagram to collect their records. However, before this can happen, you need to build your community. What should you keep in mind when running a profile on Instagram as a tattoo artist?

  • regularity of posting 
  • tagging accounts such as.
  • using various forms of Instagram (posts, testimonials, rolls, articles)
  • consistency in photos 
  • basic sign-up information on featured accounts
  • designation of the studio where you work 
  • information on what city you work in 
  • what styles of tattooing you do

Remember that it is not only quantity that counts, but above all quality, so publish well thought-out content. Our ideas are:

  • accounts of tattooing
  • rolls/reports like "A Day With Me"
  • rolls/reports with "before" and "after" effects
  • trivia about tattoos 
  • a few words about your beginnings in the industry
  • photos of completed tattoos, healed tattoos and present free designs 
  • contests for discounts or a free tattoo




TikTok is currently the app that is achieving the greatest popularity. The first wave of pandemi showed how strong a trend video is becoming - now we see it even more closely. Videos of a few seconds have taken over the world and are now available not only on TikTok, but also on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even Pinterest. Maybe you are that person who still thinks that TikTok is an app for children. If so, it's time to change that. It's worth realizing that your potential customers are present on the platform; it's primarily young people who spend a lot of time there. You also need to know that almost most teenagers are thinking about tattooing in the future, and those over 18 are already looking for more piercings for their collections. That's why having a presence on TikToku will enable you to show off to a wider audience.

When maintaining a profile on TikToku, it's a good idea to:

  • frequently add videos (for example, once a day)
  • take care of good quality ( you don't have to record in 4K right away, but
  • remember that a pleasing image to the eye will increase the chance of a large reach) 
  • keep an eye on current trends (profiles that inform about such trends and
  • explain exactly how to perform a trend can be useful) 
  • use popular sounds

Profiles with a tattoo theme are doing very well. The most viewed materials are: 

  • vlogs on tattooing 
  • sample designs for e.g. a plant lover, cat lover, etc. 
  • sample conversations with clients 
  • funny stories from work









Facebook is slowly becoming a social media oldie, so more and more people are stopping using it. And while it's harder to start a Fanpage today, yes we have a good tip for you. If you are not yet available on groups about tattoos, catch up. We have several hundred groups on Facebook about tattoos, with lots of questions every day like "do you know anyone who does tattoos in the style of...". who knows, maybe that's where a potential client is waiting for you? 





Did you know that many people are looking for tattoo inspiration right on Pinterest? While everyone knows Pinterest, not everyone maintains a profile - and it's the perfect place for the tattoo industry! Pinterest is a simple app that can serve as your next portfolio.

What should you keep in mind when running Pinterest?

  • add 2:3 images
  • have your logo on each pin
  • describe your pins as simply as possible and preferably in English, e.g. Tattoo Rose, etc. 
  • add hashtags to your pins 
  • add links to your other social media 
  • describe that you are the creator of these tattoos 
  • remember to be regular 




Not just Social Media


As you can see, the tattoo industry is perfectly compatible with Social Media. Of course, each medium, has its pros, as well as cons. However, it is worthwhile to be in many places to show yourself to more people and just... test! Among other things, you can check the results of your activities using INKbusiness, your own command center. One of the many features of the system is statistics, which counts from which sources you have the most customers. This will help you know which media are most effective for you. Besides, from INKbusiness you can check your profiles without switching to individual tabs. This way you will have everything in one place!

Want to learn more about INKbusiness? Apply in the form below and we will get back to you and answer all your questions. 


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