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Say hello to new technologies in your tattoo studio!

Nowadays new technologies are a gamechanger in every industry - including the tattoo industry. The good news is that thanks to INKbusiness, which was launched in mid-August, bookings will be even more convenient - both from the artist and customer side!Why should you be open to these new revolutionary solutions? Keep reading to find out more! 


Organize your day - save yourself time for a tattoo!


It is doubtless to say that you probably have your own calendar in which you keep track of bookings and your personal Instagram profile from which you obtain clients. This is a standard when it comes to tattoo artists, however...most of the people (be it tattoo artists or studio managers) still don't have a clue about the potential of other tools available on the market such as the studio management system - INKbusiness.  



Why is this? Well, here you have a couple of most common reasons:


  • They are simply lacking time for testing new software,
  • They believe that tattooing doesn't fall in the category of business and that it's an artistic niche, 
  • It's hard for them to get along with the studio manager and they don't want to intensify the conflict at work, 
  • They are not aware of the risks and threats of acquiring customers only through social media,

And this is just the tip of the iceberg - the list of reasons is much longer, but we will focus on the most common difficulties faced by our industry.  

Due to the fact that the tattoo scene lacks any dedicated solutions, many artists and managers got used to these inconveniences. They are suspicious when it comes to implementing new innovative solutions but meanwhile... it doesn't really take much to "redesign" your day a bit and gain more time for what's most important to all of us - a tattoo!

The same clients used to come to me in all the studios where I worked, so I managed my bookings myself. I might as well have opened my own studio, but I didn't have the financial resources to do so. I have never been a fan of booking systems used by studio managers...difficulties with setting unconventional working hours or complicated payment processes effectively discouraged me from using Versum or Booksy.

Explains Filip, a tattoo artist from the "Stara Kamienica" tattoo studio in Wrocław, a tester of INKbusiness system.  


People like Filip don't have a big problem with maintaining a steady customer base, but certainly, it's much more difficult for them to attract new ones. Meanwhile, research (conducted by the Polish booking platform shows that the largest group of potential clients of tattoo studios are young people aged 18 to 35. These are the people that are present on social media almost all around the clock.

Building long-term relationships that translate directly into profits requires a reorganization of management in the tattoo shop. Fortunately, thanks to INKbusiness even those who use old school paper calendars can quickly and effortlessly revolutionize the way they work! 

Tattoos are your business!


Innovative solutions offered by INKbusiness solve problems as old as...the art of tattooing. The studio management system has finally been addressed in terms of the problems of the manager of such a place. Designed by, the custom-built system has undergone a series of analyses under the supervision of other people from our industry. This is the reason why we do not give empty promises but present solid arguments. They have convinced even our most skeptical testers (and we're sure they will unquestionably convince you as well) to change the way they think about the tattoo business so far:

  • user-friendly INKbusiness system interface - fully designed for the requirements of the tattoo industry. On top of that, you can easily import your existing customer and booking data from your old software and…, this transition won't turn your schedule upside down!
  • fast online payments - many world currencies are available. Moreover, thanks to the automatization of all payments processes, you have more control over your studios' finances. 
  • multichat: a remarkably valuable tool that stores your emails, chats, and customer requests from all of the most popular messengers in one place which allows you to maintain reliable and long-term relationships. Our testers agree that Multichat is the best system feature of INKbusiness.  

Trust the process of automatization


Our INKbusiness tool was created with the entire industry in mind, so we couldn't ignore studio managers, whose shoulders bear a huge responsibility! They are the first to interact with new clients and at the same time keep an eye on the artists' schedule and the studios' finances. Their opinions and suggestions helped us to implement:

  • SMS and email notifications - both for clients and tattoo artists. Their content and nature can be tailored to the needs of the user.
  • Automatic removal of unpaid bookings requests from the artists' calendar - this feature can also be customized by the user according to his preferences. It's common for changes to be worrying. But keep in mind that you can stay ahead of your competition! By using INKbusiness, you will not only receive free technical support but also complementary marketing. This will allow you to smoothly make changes and benefit your studio.  



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