How to make the life of a tattoo studio manager much more comfortable: automatization of daily tasks and CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Working as a manager means owning one of the most essential positions in a tattoo shop due to having to organize the whole team. Furthermore, he is crucial for dozens of critical processes. We can all agree on one thing - the work of a manager cannot be replaced, but it can be significantly simplified. After all, the studios' success depends on how effective his work will be.

In this article we will take a closer look at why a CRM is the tattoo studios managers lead assistant and how it can help him manage faster, more conveniently, and efficiently.  



Can a manager execute his tasks more effectively?


Imagine the following situation: as you walk into a tattoo shop you see its manager holding the phone in one hand ordering some equipment and with the other hand he’s arranging the whole studios' work schedule in one browser tab and in the other he's booking a client. Mind Blowing right? Well, unfortunately, these kinds of situations happen on a daily basis in our industry.

Since no one is physically able to complete as many tasks at once, the quality of their execution can be significantly lower; for example, when the tattoo artist distracts the manager with a question about the work schedule, he may make a mistake while booking a new client.

Of course, the logical solution to this problem would be taking away some of that burden, but at the same time, it's impossible to eliminate some of the obligations that rest on the shoulders of this type of worker. 


The manager's responsibilities may vary depending on the type of tattoo studio he works in. Nevertheless, in most studios he's accountable for:


  • handling the work schedule and the customer base;
  • responding to incoming calls and messages on Social Media;
  • collecting clients info upon their entrance 
  • welcoming customers to the studio;
  • service consultation
  • presentation of products and additional services
  • team coordination;
  • communication with suppliers, ordering and receiving products
  • inventory management;
  • receiving payments from customers;
  • keeping the cash register;
  • preparation of reports for the owners;
  • preparing salaries for the entire team;
  • running social media;
  • cleaning the studio;and much more.

By looking at this list, it's hard to believe that all these tasks can be done by only one person while maintaining a high quality of their execution.We can probably all agree that the more duties fall on the shoulders of one employee, the lower his productivity, and the greater the number of mistakes he can make in his work. Hence, we frequently see in studios such situations as missed calls, shortage of materials due to the lack of time for making orders, or double bookings. Therefore, how can the work of this one person be made easier and more efficient?  


It can be done in these three methods:


  1. Expand the team and hire an additional person. This method however calls for an increase in expenses. 
  2. Try to train the manager to make the best use of his time. Keep in mind that time is a limited resource and if he'll have a lot of tasks on his table, time management won't help. 
  3. Try using modern software that helps out in the mangers daily work and automates some of his tasks. By implementing such a solution, even an inexperienced employee will be able to perform his duties professionally.

Visualize how the efficiency of completing basic tasks in a tattoo shop will advance if you use modern programs and help the manager alleviate some of his work; that's what CRM systems are for. What is it and how to use this tool? 



What's a CRM system?


A CRM system is a software for the automation of business processes. It allows you to simplify and speed up all the main tasks of the administrator and manager; keeping track of the customer base and money flow, reminders, sales of products, e.g. cosmetics, accounting of products, and many others. INKbusiness is a specialized software for the organization of accounting and managing of a tattoo studio, which includes all the essential tools for the comfortable and effective work of the entire team. With its help, managers and administrators can accomplish their daily tasks faster and more conveniently. Let's take a closer peek at the INKbusiness features that can save a manager's time up to 50%! 


How to simplify the manager's work with INKbusiness?


From the beginning INKbusiness has been taking into account the particularity of the work of tattoo studios, therefore its functions and modules have been designed to streamline various aspects of the manager's work in this industry. 


Customer care and service


Communicating with clients is one of the leading tasks of a manager. For the client to be satisfied after leaving the studio and to come back to it in the future, the manager must pay attention to details, know the preferences and desires of clients, recognize their characteristics, and quickly respond to requests. It is also worth getting to know who your customers are and define their types. (Psst..we wrote about this topic in the previous month.)

INKbusiness helps to achieve a higher level of customer service while facilitating the manager's work. The software implements convenient storage and updates of the customer base. Each of them has their own profile with detailed information. Arranging data in order also allows for the automation of communication.

WIth the use of  INKbusiness, a manager can:

  • locate information about the client in seconds - detailed profiles contain all the necessary data: full name, phone number, notes, client's wishes and visit history,
  • personalize the communication with each client (even if they were served by a different person during the last visit)
  • increase the service level thanks to intelligent notifications - the system automatically sends a confirmation of the appointment and a reminder about it. 


Managing client records and their payments


Customer registration and billing are some of the most important processes in a tattoo studio since its final income depends on them. INKbusiness also helps in this area by enabling:

  • access to a convenient, electronic work schedule
  • elimination of errors and double bookings
  • accelerated registration process
  • coherent, multiple bookings of a client for the rest of the tattoo session (useful function when the client is booked for a full sleeve, leg, back)

Cash accounting and reporting

Working with money is an integral part of a manager's job. He accepts payments, calculates finances, documents expenses, and prepares reports for management. Mistakes in these operations are unacceptable and can lead to financial liability.

Thanks to the dashboard section, these duties are streamlined:

  • by giving the manager financial insight for the whole studio or per individual artist 
  • if the manager also deals salaries, he doesn't have to make calculations on his own - the program independently calculates the rates and interest for services,
  • all reports are generated automatically by the system. 


Team coordination


Another important task of the manager is the organization of the team's work. Designing a good work schedule is not enough; there's also the managing of such issues as absences, sickness, or any other changes.

CRM helps to avoid chaos in work schedules by:

  • taking into account absences, vacations, and sick leaves - all updates are reflected in the studios' schedule in real-time
  • allowing artists to independently track all updates in the schedule, even from their mobiles
  • sending e-mail notifications to artists and customers about booking dates 


Get to know INKbusiness better!


As you can see, automation and CRM can improve the performance of almost all everyday tasks of a manager. Test our system out and see for yourself how the studio enters a new level! 


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