Guest Spot at the Tattoo Studio

It will not surprise anyone if we also start this article with the sentence that today's tattoo world is constantly evolving. Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the progress of this industry day by day. More young and talented people are starting to work in this remarkable world. More tattoo studios are also being established, even and smaller cities. A rather important trend is also the increase in interest in training on the subject of tattooing. Artists want to train in many aspects, topics, they want to train their skills and gain new qualifications. Guest spots in other cities are also an opportunity for development. At this point, however, an important question arises in the mind. How to find a studio that offers a guest spot? Today we will try to find the answer.
Guest Spot at the Tattoo Studio
Guest Spot at the Tattoo Studio

What is a guest spot?

At the outset, it is worth explaining what exactly the term "guest spot" means. In free translation, it simply means "guest appearance". So, by analogy, guest spot in tattoo studios involves a visit by an artist from another city or country. As part of the guest spot, the artist performs his work. The question of billing is individual. Some studios offer to "buy out" the spot by the artist, and some settle on a percentage of the fee for the tattoos.

Advantages of guest spots

Guest spots bring with them a number of advantages. As we mentioned in the introduction, they allow a lot of development for the artist, but also for the studio. The pluses for the artist who decides to go include:
  • reaching new clients from a given city, country 
  • gaining knowledge from artists from a particular studio 
  • proving oneself in a different environment.
Studios that invite tattoo artists to visit can:
  • attract clients of a given artist to their studio
  • show the diversity of their studio.

Where can we go for a guest spot?

Nowadays we can go to a guest spot in practically any city, and even in another country. Of course, there are some places that are easier to get to, but there will be others where you have to wait a long time to be invited. So where to go for a guest spot? It's a good idea to start by figuring out where you have your clients. Maybe in one city, there are a lot of people who would like a tattoo from you, but live too far away and have no way to get there? A simple poll on Instagram with the title "Which city should I come to?" can be a good practice. The city that gets the most votes may turn out to be the perfect choice. 
Guest Spot at the Tattoo Studio
Guest Spot at the Tattoo Studio

How to find guest spots?

Decision made, but still don't know what studio offers a guest spot and can accommodate you? We have some advice for you on this topic. First of all, many studios themselves offer guest spots for given artists. So it's worth keeping your portfolio on Instagram regularly to get noticed. We wrote about how to stand out on Social Media in the previous month. To make it easier, you can also add in the description on your media that you want to visit another salon.
However, it's worth taking matters into your own hands sometimes. So keep an eye on the studios that interest you the most. You never know when that very one will start looking for someone who wants to visit them.'s account on Instagram can also make it easier for you. That's where we share the studios' posts, including those about finding artists for guest spots.  If you see that a studio is constantly holding these types of events, don't be afraid to ask if they are looking for someone currently. 

Guest spots - what does the artist offer, and what does the studio offer?

Working, even for a while, in another location, involves a couple of important issues. First, before arriving at your chosen studio, find out what it offers and what you need to bring with you. It is worth bearing in mind that each place operates differently. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and stress on the spot, ask for precise guidelines. This will help you prepare properly for your visit. 
Guest Spot at the Tattoo Studio
Guest Spot at the Tattoo Studio

Notify your customers

Have you found a studio? Have you agreed on the details? Great! Now all that's left is to inform your clients that you will be in another city for a while and are waiting to sign up. It's best to notify them through various media, so that the information reaches as many people as possible. The studio you go to will probably also add a post, about your visit. Many artists also add such information in the description. 

Tag us in posts and show off the work you've done on guest spot!

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