Four effective ways of attracting more online customers


One of the tattoo studios’ tasks is obtaining new clients. Many managers in the tattoo industry are often scratching their heads while thinking of new ways to fill up their artists' calendars for a couple of weeks ahead so that the studio can earn even more profits.

There's a lot of ways of promoting your studio both online and offline. Nowadays however we can reach more potential customers on the Internet. In this article, we'll take a look at 4 leading methods of doing so. 


Begin by analyzing your target audience!


To put it simply - your target audience is a group of people having similar needs and interests that your company can satisfy. In order to minimize wasting your budget on ineffective advertising, analyze your target group before making any marketing moves. Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all campaign that will appeal to all audiences - different people have different issues, and you need to address the group whose problems you can solve.

Start off by getting to know who your customers are:

  • who's your target group 
  • what are their preferences 
  • what's their average age
  • what's their income situation
  • what's their marital status 
  • what are their interests 
  • what problems concern them

The more detailed the "portrait of your potential client" is, the more accurately you can target your campaign, clearly stating that your tattoo studio meets all his criteria and needs. 

After analyzing your target audience, the next step is to test out all available customer acquiring methods and determine the most effective ones. 

Your website


In times of social media dominating the market, a lot of people mistakenly give up their thought on creating their website. Despite all, your own website is still the most convenient way to promote your services online. Intuitive and designed according to the specifics of your tattoo studio the website will quickly help potential clients discover the benefits of services that your studio can offer them.

You can either contact an agency or create one yourself by using special online creators, e.g.

Keep in mind that your website must be customer-friendly. Slow loading times, incompatibility with mobile devices, and outdated graphics - these elements can convert to a lot of unsuccessful visits.

It's worth taking advantage of advertising and search engine optimization to promote your website. How can you do this?

  • assign keywords to the text context of your website such as "tattoo studio Warsaw" Search engines take this into account and list your site in the search results when somebody uses these words
  • don't forget about SEO positioning -it is worth reaching out to professionals in this subject matter  

Social Media


There's no denying the fact that social media in present times are fundamental in promoting your tattoos online. It's worth remembering that your profiles should be organized and set to business profiles in order to track statistics and adjust ads according to the previously mentioned target groups.

To attract customers from social networks, try following a couple of rules:

  • fill in the headline of your profile with key information about you, set the online registration button, and don't forget to include a link to a post or page in your bio (Instagram)  
  • think about recording a couple of "reels" - using this new feature will allow you to attain more followers, hence more clients 
  • make sure your website visitors can easily find the list of services, products, locations, and other important data that are required for a potential client to book a session with you 
  • it's important to update your content regularly and remember about good quality photos - pretty things sell better 
  • create story highlights with detailed information about how the customers can book a session with you

You should also consider creating a TikTok account. The first wave of the pandemic confirmed the power of this application and that it's the short video content that's most attractive to potential customers.  



Contextual advertising

It's easy to say that selling a service is much effective to someone already interested in it. By promoting your studio in Google Ads, you're showing it to people who are currently looking for this kind of service in your area. This is a sign that they want to book a tattoo session at this moment. You have to know that the first thing a person sees while searching is paid ads and maps, so don't forget to include your shop in Google Maps. Arranging the search engine ads yourself is not a piece of cake, so it's best to reach out to somebody who is an expert in this field.


Targeted advertising

Contextual ads are shown to users when they search for a certain topic in the search engine, while targeted ads reach users through various channels. You can say that targeted ads are displayed to users who are very likely to be interested in the product or service. 

Social media are gathering information regarding their users' interests, preferences, locations, and other characteristics. Therefore, when you're setting up an ad, all you have to do is define the characteristics of your recipients (that's why our evaluation and definition of this target group didn't go in vain) and launch unique offers that will interest your potential clients. 

To do this you can either contact people who specialize in this area of work or try setting up the ads yourself - you can use the free video tutorials provided by Facebook.


Additional advice: Offline methods


In this article we focused on online methods of attracting customers to your tattoo studio, however, these methods can be easily combined with offline methods, for instance:

  • banners
  • pamphlets 
  • referral programs etc. 

How to understand if you should continue using a particular advertising channel?


There are times when a certain advertising channel doesn't meet up to your expectations and the budget you put in it. That's why you should keep track of the effectiveness of your sources and remove the unprofitable ones.

INKbusiness CRM system helps you with collecting and analyzing this kind of information and was designed to automatize the tattoo industry. The idea behind INKbusiness is to help tattoo studios easily analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and choose the most suitable acquisition channels.


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