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Develop the tattoo industry together with INKbusiness, expand your services and get more benefits from your business!
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1. Send an application

Fill out the application form

2. Use the QR code or link

Once we receive your form, we will send you a unique link and QR code that will redirect you to INKbusiness

3. Recommend INKbusiness to others

Use the link and QR code you received to invite others to test and then use INKbusiness

4. Earn up to €100!

For each subscription purchase by a studio you have recommended to INKbusiness, you will rake in up to €100!
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What will you gain from the partnership?

Earn up to an additional €100 by inviting friends to test the system and encouraging them to subscribe
Grow an existing business or support a new business with a minimal initial investment with a reliable partner
Gain a competitive advantage with a specialized tattoo product
You will get ready and proven standards for working with customers
You will receive technical support and product training, as well as recommendations to improve marketing efforts
You will avoid any difficulties related to the implementation and use of the product - we provide technical support for all our users

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