We keep your data as our own!

Below you will find information about the protection of your data, the storage of which, in a responsible and secure manner, is of paramount importance to us.
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Personal password

Protects your account on INKbusiness from unauthorized access. Each employee has their own access rights.

HTTPS encryption.

256-bit encryption protects your data from being intercepted by unwanted third parties

Secure database

Only your employees have access to your database (you can change some of the access in the settings).


A copy of the database is made several times a day; in addition, it is stored in multiple secure locations.
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Double automatic copying

It guarantees data recovery even in the event of complete physical destruction of a server in one of its data centers.

Geographical distribution of servers

It allows you to control the load, improve connection speed, quickly transfer accounts from failed servers to other working swervers.

Automatic server monitoring

It helps prevent the problem, in case of unusual and dangerous behavior on your account, we will block it until the circumstances are clarified.

Separate copying of databases and files

It increases the overall reliability of the system and enables the best provisioning schemes for each type of information.

Custom database on each account

Access to information from neighboring profiles is not possible.

Password and connection encryption

Protects data exchange between users and INKbusiness in public places.

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about data protection