Epinal Tattoo Show

Epinal Tattoo Show will be held for the fourth time on June 16-18 in a picturesque place in France. This festival will showcase the work of over 200 talented tattoo artists from various parts of the world, including France, Canada, the USA, Germany, Greece, and Poland. The convention will be a great opportunity to look at skills, share knowledge and experience. The festival will also be an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends and techniques in the world of tattoos.
Epinal has a lot of attractions in its program. During the three days of the convention, apart from tattoo competitions, you will be able to meet special guests, interesting shows such as bodypainting and great concerts will take place. You will also be able to do shopping. You will find stalls with vegan candles, original jewelry, unique clothes and high-quality tattoo accessories. This is a good opportunity to find sophisticated items and browse the offer of industry products.
World Famous Ink & INKbusiness at Epinal Tattoo Show
World Famous Ink & INKbusiness at Epinal Tattoo Show

World Famous Ink & INKbusiness

A very important part of the Epinal Tattoo Show for us is the presence of our INKbusiness team, which has recently become the official representative of the World Famous Ink brand in Poland. During the convention, INKbusiness will operate under the banner of World Famous Ink, offering high-quality World Famous Ink and Kuro Sumi inks. Our booth will become the official World Famous Ink outlet at the Epinal Tattoo Show.
There's no need to convince anyone that World Famous Ink is a leading tattoo ink brand, as it is endorsed by many world-renowned tattoo artists who work with its inks daily. It is a great honor for us to be part of World Famous Ink and represent  products at conventions.

World Famous Ink: Innovation and community

Thanks to the fact that the brand is constantly improving its products, introducing limited editions and cooperating with the top artists, World Famous Ink has become one of the most valued brands on the tattoo industry market. Not only the product is important, because the brand is primarily a community of artists that it gathers around itself. Company engage in various events, conventions and sponsorships to promote the art of tattooing and develop the community of tattoo artists around the world. By maintaining high quality, introducing innovations and supporting artists, World Famous Ink has earned a solid reputation and a leading position in the tattoo ink market.
World Famous Ink & INKbusiness at Epinal Tattoo Show
World Famous Ink & INKbusiness at Epinal Tattoo Show

We are waiting for YOU at Epinal Tattoo Show

Whether you're a participant looking to get a tattoo from your dream artist, an artist seeking inspiration and a good time, or simply someone interested in the festival experience, the Epinal Tattoo Show is the place to be. So, if you're attending the Epinal Tattoo Show, come and chat with us, give a high-five, or share your impressions of the convention. We look forward to seeing you at the fourth edition of the Epinal Tattoo Show.