More possibilities in one place

If you're looking for a great deal on supplies and products needed for a tattoo artist, check out the INKbusiness store. Responding to the needs of the tattoo industry, which wants all functionality in one place on our platform, you can now not only manage your tattoo studio and make appointments, but also stock up on good quality equipment at the best prices.
Tattoo supplies sale at INKbusiness on-line store
Tattoo supplies sale at INKbusiness on-line store

Buy whenever you want

With online shopping you can buy products when you are comfortable, at any time of day or night, on holidays, Sundays - literally 365 days a year. You save time by using it for much more interesting things like your passions, meeting friends or making an additional tattoo. You also save your money because you have time to think about what product you really need. You can also find cool promotions or discount codes.

eCommerce at INKbusiness 

Check out our eCommerce at INKbusiness platform. We are constantly increasing the number of products in the store's offer. We want the products available online to suit your needs, to have the best quality and at the same time we care about your wallet and we want the prices to be low, because we know what the costs of an average tattoo artist purchase are.
We cooperate with popular brands that offer the best quality at a good price. 
  • World Famous INK (tattoo ink) — Ink of this brand are renowned and appreciated by artists all over the world! Every product offered complies with the European REACH directive. 
  • Kuro Sumi (tattoo ink) - It is a premium quality tattoo ink with hight pigment content and great flow rate and compliance with the REACH directive.
  • Cartridge ElCartel — this cartridge are extremely precise and maintain sharpness during the longest sessions. They are equipped with a flexible and durable membrane. 
  • BetterINK - towels prepared for the tattoo industry. Leave no residue on the customer’s skin because it’s dust-free. The towels are packed in the form of single leaf form and as the manufacturer assures, one leaf of towel can replace ten leaf of traditional kitchen towel.
Tattoo supplies sale at INKbusiness on-line store
Tattoo supplies sale at INKbusiness on-line store
Tattoo supplies sale at INKbusiness on-line store

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By creating an account you will be able to access:
  • Better prices and discounts codes at I
  • Order status tracking
  • Keep products in a cart so you have more time to make a decision
  • Duplicate order
  • You have the opportunity to see how the INkbusiness system works for free

Now you pay 10% less in the online store

In addition to a large selection of products, you can now get 10% discount. For those registered on the INKbussines platform, we have a special discount code that entitles you to cheaper purchases.
  • World Famous INK(inks) - from 46 zł
  • Kuro Sumi(inks) - from 39.6 zł
  • ElCartel(cartridge) - 39 zł
  • BetterINK(towels) - from 16 zł
The offer lasts only 7 days so take advantage of the discount today. All you need to do is to enter when ordering DISCOUNT CODE: SALE23
Tattoo supplies sale at INKbusiness on-line store
We believe that the online shop will meet your expectations and make shopping easier. We're open to suggestions and ideas about products and brands you want in the store, so if you have something in mind, let us know!