Tattoo Conventions

Conventions are one of the most enjoyable aspects of the tattoo industry. For a tattoo artist, it is an opportunity to meet friends and new clients. You can exchange experience, see the latest trends in tattooing and learn about technological innovations. The exchange of knowledge and experience is very important in the development of an artist. For some, it is also a great opportunity to test their skills during competitions, where you can show your creativity and inspire others.
Equally important is the chance to showcase one's talents to tattoo lovers who have a specific interest in body art. Tattoo conventions attract a dedicated audience of individuals passionate about the art of body decoration. Engaging with these enthusiasts allows artists to connect with potential clients, engage in meaningful conversations, and establish relationships that can lead to future collaborations.
New feature in INKbusiness - Summits
New feature in INKbusiness - Summits


Often artists and studio managers plan in advance the schedule of conventions they plan to attend. Because of the large number, it's sometimes easy to overlook an event or not notice changes made by the organizer. It's also a good way to plan conventions so that they don't attend in one season, but spread out evenly throughout the year. Sometimes time also plays a role, and the sooner you buy a venue, the more attractive the price will be.

Now in the INKbusiness app you can easily find the event you are interested in, without having to search for the festival website, contact the organizer or the event on the Internet. The "Summit" tab is a new feature, where you will find a description, event location, date, website and social media links.

Buy a box through INKbusiness app

Under the "Summit" tab in the INKbusiness app, you also have the option to book a booth at a tattoo convention of your choice! Thanks to this new feature, you can easily and quickly secure a place at the tattoo convention of your interest in the country and around the world. You don't have to waste time on complicated procedures, now you will arrange all the paperwork directly in our application. Select the convention you are interested in, if it is possible to book, see what dimensions of the stand are available, check the price and equipment. If you send an application we will contact you and arrange the details. This is a simple and convenient solution that saves your time and energy.
New feature in INKbusiness - Summits
New feature in INKbusiness - Summits

Improve INKbusiness with us

We are constantly working to improve the INKbusiness application and introduce features according to the suggestions and ideas of tattooists. Your passion is important, that's why we try to make your daily work easier through modern solutions. New features mean easier management and gathering all the necessary usability in one application makes your work easier. We know that you need a space where you can find the functions and information you need, that's why we tailor applications to manage everything from one place dedicated to the industry.