INKbusiness in Italy!

The year 2022 is exceptionally groundbreaking for us. We have already visited more than a dozen Polish (as well as foreign) conventions, met hundreds of great artists and traveled thousands of kilometers - and we still have two months of this year ahead of us!
We'll definitely tell you about what exactly has been going on over the past months closer to January, but today we come with an information you didn't expect.
INKbusiness is merging with INKdome of Italy. That means we are entering the Italian market with full steam and fulfilling one of our goals for 2022! 
INKbusiness in Italy!
INKbusiness in Italy!

What is INKbusiness?

INKbusiness is a CRM system, an in-house command center that will help tattoo artists and managers manage their work on a daily basis. The tool was created for the needs of the tattoo industry, so it is ideally suited to the nature of work in the studio. In addition to the basic calendar function INKbusiness allows you to:
- marking individual working hours,
- sending automatic notifications to clients about an upcoming tattoo session,
- building and saving a database of clients with details about them (contact information, recent sessions, allergies, etc.),
- detailed descriptions of sessions along with photos of inspiration,
- observing and analyzing statistics on client sources, 
- access to the most popular social media from within the tool,
- use of the system of discounts and promotions in partner stores.

INKdome powered by INKbusiness presented at Tattoo Convention Milano

We love to enjoy our successes together with you. This time, it was no different. Last weekend, October 21/22 and 23, we showed ourselves to the world for the first time as INKdome. It happened at an international event, the Tattoo Convention in Milan. Our booth was bustling for the entire three days. It was a great honor and distinction for us.
Both the organizers and exhibitors warmly welcomed our product. Quite a few of them were excited and delighted with such a solution. Their words ignited us even more, so we are not slowing down! 
INKbusiness in Italy!

Italian successes

In addition to the good feedback received by the Italian and international tattoo market, we can boast of further big and smaller successes. Among others, "IL Tatuaggio" magazine has taken an interest in our product. We have also gained a new partnership with Portuguese Needles.
This is just the beginning of our Italian journey, but we are already excited and curious to see what the next months will bring.
INKbusiness in Italy!

How was it at Tattoo Convention Milano?

Unlike the other conventions we came to visit, the convention in Milan lasted 3 days - from Friday to Sunday. No wonder - after all, this is one of the most important tattoo conventions in Europe. The program of the event was packed to the brim. There was no shortage of exciting experiences given to the participants by artistic performances, including the AERIAL SHOW BY ELENI.
Tattoo artists from different corners of Europe and the world competed in the following categories:
The awards in the last and most important category were won by:
1st place - Sampaguita Jay
2nd place - Sandra Daukshta
3rd place - Valer Montero
You can find the winners of the other categories on Milano Tattoo Convention Instagram. 

It's not over yet!

As we know, the convention season is not over yet. In just a few days we are heading further to Tattoo Convention Utrecht, and then back to Poland to be with you at Tattoo Convention in Lodz. See you there!