How to open a tattoo studio?

Are tattoos your passion? We understand it like no one else! The "tattoo" industry is now an attractive career path for many young people. More and more people want to try their hand in the world of tattooing, starting tattooing, and over time, opening their own studio. How to accomplish this? Is there a point in deciding on your own salon? How to deal with all the formalities, in case you decide to start your own business? We will try to answer these questions today.

Make a decision

Do you want to start tattooing right away in your own salon? Well... it can be risky. Opening your own atelier at the start, without experience and an established reputation, can be simply disastrous. In the beginning, it's a good idea to learn how to work in another existing studio. Why? First, you'll see if the profession is for you. Imagine trying to open your own place for several months, and after a few weeks you find that it is not. Well, that's just it... you could then lose a lot! Starting with your time and ending with massive amounts of money. To avoid financial problems, it's also a good idea to have your customer base and an established image. You can build both of these elements by working in another studio.
However, the question arises: is opening a tattoo studio mandatory for any thriving artist? Absolutely not! First, there are already many studios on the market, so it is worth considering why your studio should be chosen by potential clients. Secondly, opening a business involves a myriad of legal issues and big costs. Not everyone wants to decide on such a commitment, and as much as possible, this is also a good option. If working for someone in a studio is convenient and enjoyable for you, you don't have to give it up. Opening your own salon is just an option, and the decision is entirely up to you.
How to open a tattoo studio?

How to open your own tattoo studio?

Let's say you've been in the business for a while and you feel it's time to open your own studio. What to do in that case? Where should you start? We'll try to explain it all to you in a few steps.
How to open a tattoo studio?


Not sure if opening a tattoo studio in your city is a good idea? Start with research. Find out how many salons are already in your area, how they operate, what styles the artists work in, or what kind of decor the place has. This will help you get to know your future competition and gain an awareness of the entire tattoo market in your area. It's also a good idea to discern what customers need. Maybe there is no realism specialist in a particular city? If you work in the desired style yourself it's ideal; if not you can think about hiring additional people over time. Try not to rush your analysis. The more time you spend on it, the more you will benefit in the future.

Business model

Let's return to the topic of hiring other employees. Do you want to have other people on your staff? Maybe you are thinking of creating a collective for artists? Or maybe you're only interested in a one-man salon? All of these are worth thinking about at the very beginning. Create a business model, which will include how and with whom you want to work, what kind of premises you need, whether you will determine your costs. You also need to determine what form you want your business to take. Will it be a sole proprietorship? Or perhaps a company? Do an analysis of how the different legal forms differ and choose the one that suits you best. It is worth asking a lawyer for help. Remember - planning and proper organization in this case is really the basis.
How to open a tattoo studio?
How to open a tattoo studio?

Choice of premises

Choosing the right premises is really hard. In the case of a tattoo studio, you need to take into account a lot of sanitary compliance. If you already know how many people you want to work with in your new studio, you need to match the right size of the premises you are looking for. Remember that its cost depends on its size, location and condition. Some premises may already meet the requirements at the outset. Sometimes, however, you will have to do it yourself. So remember to choose the right contract, in which you will establish the issue of settlement of expenses made on the premises. In this case, too, we recommend contacting a lawyer so that you do not have any complications in the future.

Tattoo studio equipment

The premises already chosen? It's time to take care of the right equipment. Depending on the size of the premises and the staff, you need to choose the right amount of such equipment as chairs, recliners, armrests, a printer, or technical equipment. If you want to provide employees with razors, you will also need to add them to the cost estimate. Disposable costs also include all decor elements - cabinets, sofas, tables, countertops, decorations and so on. There are also items that you need to buy periodically - we're talking about needles, inks, tracing paper, film, etc... When designing your living room, think about the climate in which you want to decorate it. Maybe you want to go for a minimalist decor? Or maybe you want everything to be colorful and unconventional? The options are endless! In the end, the cost of furnishing a tattoo studio can range from a few to even hundreds of thousands.
How to open a tattoo studio?
How to open a tattoo studio?

Documents and inspections

If you have already worked in another studio, you know that the waste created during tattooing must not be disposed of in the regular trash. 
Documentation is also important. Check what documents you need when opening a tattoo studio in your country.

Promotion and marketing of the tattoo studio

The "paperwork" issues are behind you? Great! Now it's time for more pleasant issues. If you've decided that your establishment is ready, it's time to appear online. Start by setting up your studio's profiles on Social Media. Then it's a good idea to share it on tattoo groups on Facebook, or ask accounts like to share it. Set an official opening date and let prospective clients know when they can get a tattoo from you. Also think about holding an event to celebrate the opening of your tattoo studio such as a walk-in day.
And if you're wondering what kind of content to publish at the beginning of your studio's existence, we come with some examples:
  • instructions on how to get to your establishment
  • introduction of employees
  • attractive photos of the premises
  • information about enrollment
  • free designs
How to open a tattoo studio?

Manage your tattoo studio at the highest level!

Before you even start working in your new studio, think about how you will sign up clients, what can minimize your responsibilities and what will make your work easier.
We have good information for you - in all these elements will help you It is your own command center, which was created for the needs of the "tattoo" industry. INKbusiness hides a calendar function, but not only! The tool allows you to keep your entire customer base in one place. In addition, when you sign up an individual in your calendar, you can add all the relevant information, such as the client's data or the details of the tattoo they signed up for. INKbusiness will help you analyze your costs, but also your marketing efforts. From one place you can also open other applications - such as Instagram, or Gmail.
If you want to organize your work and that of your employees from the beginning, this is the perfect time to become more familiar with this tool. Do you have any questions? Make an appointment for a demo and test INKbusiness today!